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The decision to shift from teaching to tech wasn't easy, but it has been incredibly fulfilling. Based in Providence and from Miami, I'm hoping to leverage my multicultural/multilingual perspective wherever I am planted. On any given day, you can find me going down rabbit holes of opportunities for self-learning and self-improvement, finding ways to share my opportunities with others along the way.

Formal résumés are a great way to peak at what I've done professionally, but I belive that the work I've done to promote inclusivity and belonging in every environment I've had an influence in is just as important. I'm always happy to chat about these accomplishments, which include the organization and execution of DEI&B Book Clubs, leading speaking events on company culture, managing a classroom for multiple grade levels, leading curriculum design for Math and Science, and so much more.

Senior Developer Advocate & Teacher.

Here's some handy information of mine to keep in your back pocket:

  • City: Providence, USA
  • Socials: @RubyDotGif


Find a few of my latest software applications below!

E-Commerce Team Project

An app where donors can buy supplies for local schools.


Mongoose, Express, ReactJS, Javascript, Bootstrap, SCSS

React weather App

A weather app that pulls data from a 3rd-party API: openweathermap


Node, React, CSS, 3rd-party API, AWS

The Holistic Educator

An app for social-emotional instruction.


Mongoose, Express, MongoDB, Javascript, Bootstrap, Handlebars, SCSS

To-Do App

A to-do list application to help you manage your tasks.


React, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, React animations


A study-your-way flashcard application built with Postgres


Python, Django, React, Javascript, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, SCSS


a tic-tac-toe game with custom game logic


Javascript, Ajax, HTML, CSS

RGB Button

A machine I built that includes a button that toggles between RGB colors


Arduino Elegoo Starter kit, Arduino IDE, resistors, UNO R3 board, bulb, breadboard, jumper wires, button

Developer Languages and skills

A.K.A. My Playground!






















The learning, of course, never stops. Here are some arbitrary self-ratings on skills I've adopted through various professional and personal life experiences.

Collaboration 100%
Communication 90%
Creativity 75%
Leadership 80%
Problem-solving 90%
Resourcefulness 85%


Obligatory formalities:


Ruby (Sattar) Romeu

My technical experiences in software are growing rapidly through technical architecting, support, project management, mentorship, self-learning, personal projects, and involvement in developer communities (Women Who Code, Society of Women Engineers, etc.). Much of my professional background is in Education, as an elementary teacher and a coach.


Full-Stack Software Engineering & Web Development

Jun - Sep 2020

General Assembly, Boston, MA

General Assembly is an immersive program that prepares software engineers with a holistic technical foundation​ essential for full-stack development.

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

2012 - 2014

Florida International University, Miami, FL

Graduated Magna Cum Laude, part of several Honors Organizations, and conducted 200+ hours of field research using educational technology in classroom settings.

Professional Experience

Senior Developer Advocate

Aug 2022 - Present

Postman, Remote, CA

  • Owning development and implementation of outreach strategies in the AEMEA region to engage students and educators.
  • Leading workshops, hosting events & livestreams, sponsoring hackathons with speaker presence, and producing educational videos on YouTube and TikTok.
  • Producing written internal and external educational content through Confluence and blog articles.
  • Fielding questions from our student community in forums, through Zendesk, and on Discord.

Technical Enablement Architect

Aug 2021 - Aug 2022

Postman, Remote, CA

  • Maintained demo environments that leverage multiple API architectural styles intended for use in technical consultations with enterprise customers.
  • Collaborated with the Developer Relations team to produce live stream media content to promote our platform.
  • Produced self-serve learning modules to educate enterprise customers.
  • Collaborated with the Customer Education team to plan and produce content for our Learning Management System.
  • Implemented new integration tools within demo environments to ensure the latest product features were always ready for Solutions Engineers to demonstrate.

Local Coding Group Organizer

May 2022 - Present

Rhode Island Codes, MeetUp.com, RI

  • Organized and led workshops/tutorials for locals who are interested in introductory coding concepts and tech industry insights.

Technical Support Engineer

Feb 2021 - Aug 2021

TrueMotion, Boston, MA

  • Trained and onboarded customers on company's program management systems
  • Maintained a customer support knowledge base
  • Created video content to enable internal teams and external clients to implement product updates
  • Debugged customers' technical issues, using tools such as Postman, SumoLogic, DataDog, SQLpro, and AWS
  • Released multiple configuration changes through Github as part of sustaining engineering responsibilities
  • Provided escalated technical and triage support

Project Manager (volunteer)

Sep 2020 - Apr 2021


  • Started as a fellow mentee in my cohort and eventually took on project management and technical support responsibilities to lead a cohort through project development in an Agile workflow.
  • Benefitted from a program that provides mentorship to women of color in STEM careers through leadership training and collaboration in the tech industry.

Software Engineering Immersive Fellow

Jun - Sep 2020

General Assembly, Boston, MA

  • Built a full-stack application for teachers and currently conducting user research for continued iteration.
  • Applied object-oriented programming concepts, using JavaScript and JS libraries like React to build dynamic front-end applications.
  • Incorporated functionality from self-created back-end APIs to add complexity and nuance to appliations.
  • Collaborated on teams to build and demo applications in an Agile workflow.
  • Problem-solved using industry standard development tools and documentation.

Lead Teacher & Track Coach

2018 - 2020

KIPP Academy, Boston, MA

  • Led a DEI workshop for a team of 30+ educators and school leaders, resulting in actionable commitments for the school environment
  • Designed and oversaw successful Implementation of a K-8 Women’s History curriculum, utilizing G-Suite tech resources
  • Led classrooms of up to 25 families, utilizing Tableau to analyze data and inform instruction during a global pandemic.
  • Coached middle-school Track and Field to support students on their own paths toward growth and development through the avenue of sports.

Lead Teacher

2017 - 2018

The Mildred, Boston, MA

Lead Teacher

2015 - 2017

Soldier's Field Park Children's Center of Harvard, Boston, MA

Check out some of my videos and articles


Medium article

I use Youtube, Loom, TikTok, and Medium to share my learnings as I grow in this industry. I've created educational content for both volunteer and professional productions.

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